1. A new sale is running at FHG for an item(s) I have or had ordered. Can I receive a credit or refund adjustment for the new sale price?

      We will not issue credit or refund adjustments for orders that have already been shipped or placed if they are discounted in a New Sale. These sales are run at random, year round for our amazing customers!

        2. How long is the Processing time for my order before it is shipped?

          Once your order is placed online, there will be an in house processing time, usually 3-5 business days but during busy seasons it can take up to 7-14 business days. Many of our items are handcrafted and require some time to ensure they are perfect for our customers before shipping.  Once the processing time is complete, we will then ship your order.

            3. How do I cancel my order??

              We process orders Immediately! We WILL NOT Cancel an order if we are not notified within 12 hours of when your order was placed. We will make every effort to honor your cancellation request! If you are past the 12-hour deadline, we can help you easily exchange once you receive your original order (See Returns/Exchanges). To cancel, please contact us at support@findhergifts.com with “Cancel” and your order number in the subject line.

                4. Can I change the shipping address for my order?

                  We can help you change the shipping address for your order only if it has not yet been shipped. Once shipped, we cannot change the shipping address. FHG will not refund any customer whose order is not received because the shipping address provided was inaccurate or incomplete unless the order is classified as undeliverable and returned to FHG. To change your shipping address, Please contact at support@findhergifts.com with “Address change” and your order number in the subject line.

                    5. I received some items in my order. Where are the rest?

                      Your order probably contains both "ready-to-ship" and "made-to-order" items. Orders containing both "ready-to-ship" and "made-to-order" items may have multiple shipments (at no extra shipping cost).

                      "Made to order" items take anywhere from 7-10 days to make and "ready to ship" items we can send you within 1-3 days. We may split your order and send your "ready to ship" items sooner and then send the remaining "made to order" items separately once they are ready to go.

                      We will send you an email confirming each additional shipment!

                        6. What does "Made to order" means?

                          If you have an item that says it is “Made to Order”, it means that it is handmade, especially just for you and no one else! These items do take time to produce with a timeline of about 7-14 business days to process before shipment.

                            This is how a "Made to Order" item comes to life at our FHG workshop:
                              • Once your order is placed, we begin processing immediately, first printing out the design you chose for your item and ensuring the print is correct.
                              • Next, We cut out the blank pieces of material for your item and again ensure the cut is just the design you ordered
                              • We then take the design print and blank material, and press them together through a Heat sublimation process that gives vibrant color and life to your item, that will never fade, or crack!
                              • Last but not least, your item gets polished to perfection and ready to go, We run it through a final quality check before we mark it ready to ship your way!

                                7. How can I track my order?

                                  To track your order you will need your order number and the email that you used to place the order with. You can check the status of your order by clicking here: Track My Order.  You will also receive a confirmation email once your order has shipped that will include tracking information.

                                    8. How early do I need to place my order for a festival/birthday/event?

                                      Always place your order at least 3 weeks before your scheduled event! Once you place your order for your Festival/Event, please email us at support@findhergifts.co with the Festival/Event and your order number in the subject line. Please also provide the date you need the order to arrive by in the body of the email. We want to do all we can to get you your items before your event so that you will be able to make sure everything fits and is ready to go!

                                        9. My order says “Unfulfilled”, what does that mean?

                                          Orders with an "unfulfilled" status are currently being printed, sewn and picked then will go through a final quality check before shipment. Once your order has shipped your order status will then change to "fulfilled." You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once your order has moved to a “fulfilled” status